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Workforce Development

Nearly all organizations, when asked what their greatest asset is, would answer – our faculty and staff.  Foresight Group has extensive experience leading compensation benchmarking and HR strategies to enable institutions to understand compensation competitiveness and insights toward institutional design and organizational effectiveness.  We’ve also served as interim support and resource when you need it most.  We can provide:

  • Compensation Strategies:

    • Performed full institutional compensation reviews for faculty and staff at multiple campuses, recommending compensation strategies to remediate findings, and to demonstrate analytics across organizations in gender pay, for instance.

  • Human Resources Strategies & Compliance

    • Recommended strategies and position review for institutional design toward remote work, return to office, and talent acquisition.

    • Performed restructuring and organizational reviews to recommend new functional delivery of administrative services.

  • Interim Support & Outsourcing Options:

    • Provided interim support services and recommendations on outsourcing of various administrative services.

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