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Operations and Process Improvement Options

When was the last time your organization conducted business process reviews on your administrative systems?  Implementation of cloud-based ERP’s have become more common, and thus it’s even more important to take the time to ensure you have the best business processes in place before you automate or build any IT system on top.  Foresight can help partner across your organization to lead efforts to reconsider how business processes work, ERP or not, and to think about making appropriate and meaningful change for your institution.  Examples of prior work include:

  • Business Process Reviews

    • Led and built recommended capabilities for multiple Universities and non-profits in Process Improvement tools and strategies (Lean and Six Sigma), building a culture of kaizen (continuous improvement).

    • Guided multiple business process reviews in a highly collaborative manner to recommend new systems and efficiencies for universities and non-profits, including ERP transition preparation.

    • Redesigned and guided a Big10 institution’s IT program across 35 departments to merge into one unified IT Department, vastly improving services to faculty and staff.

  • Cost Efficiencies

    • Conducted review of purchasing, contracts, and vendor relationships to create efficiencies and cost savings.

    • Recommended options for shared services and organizational redesign to realign resources for multiple universities in reorganizing financial services, research administration, human resources, and IT to deliver improved service at equal or less cost.

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