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Organizational Design & Fractional Support

Colleges and Universities have traditionally been slow to implement real organizational redesign of functions ranging from administrative functions to faculty workload models.  Foresight can offer fractional support for many administrative and business office functions when a full FTE may not be achievable.  We also have a track record of collaboratively and positively engaging faculty and staff to consider what-if alternatives to plan, design, and implement new ways of delivering performance transformation.  Some experiences include:

  • Shared Services and Fractional Support

    • Served as fractional support for various administrative functions - finance, operations, HR, etc.  No need to hire full FTE when organizations may only need some regular or periodic support.

    • Recommended options for shared services and organizational redesign to realign resources for multiple universities in reorganizing financial services, research administration, human resources, and IT to deliver improved service at equal or less cost.

    • Redesigned and guided a Big10 institution’s IT program across 35 departments to merge into one unified IT Department, vastly improving services to faculty and staff.

  • Change Management

    • Developed and implemented new faculty workload models with associated changes in instructional delivery and pay practices to create scalability, enhance accuracy of financial forecasting, and improve faculty and student satisfaction.

    • Provided change management through organizational redesign and restructuring focused on improving cross functional work and cohesion.

    • Designed and implemented emergency response protocols related to disaster planning in hurricanes, pandemic, etc.

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